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Are you looking for ways to get involved with Pumas Football?

Parent volunteers donate countless hours of their time each year to serve the many needs of the Pumas Football program.  It is a great way to show your player and Perry High School Athletics that you are committed to their success!

We have all sorts of volunteering activities and we need YOU.  No experience necessary!  We appreciate all skill sets and schedules.

Our volunteers help us in many ways and for many different reasons:

  • To meet the needs of Pumas Football:  to serve
  • To be part of the Pumas Football experience:  to belong
  • To get to know other parents:  to connect
  • To share one's talents:  to be valued

To get started, read the activity descriptions below and then visit our Volunteer Sign-Ups page and find something you would like to help with and fits into your schedule.  Make a commitment to support the team and you will realize many other benefits along the way.


The Parent Coordinator will email you quick instructions for website password OR you can email *****

Lots of activities need your help!  Start by looking for your player's team (date of Game), then find the activity to sign up


  • Freshman volunteer activities are indicated with green
  • JV volunteer activities are indicated with blue
  • Varsity volunteer activities are indicated with red
  • Program-related volunteer activities are indicated with purple


The Touchdown Club thanks you .... GO PUMAS !!!


Volunteer activities for 2018 Pumas Football:

If you have any questions on the activities below, contact your team's Parent Coordinator listed below:

Parent Coordinators:  


  • VARSITY: Becky.james@phsfb.com
  • JV:              
    • FROSH: 

Post Game Gatorade Donation:  This year we are going to ask for monetary donations (cash or gift cards to cover the cost of Gatorade this season.  Please be on the lookout for sign ups pertaining to donations as team level volunteer opportunities to ice and transport the Gatorade.

  • For Home games, bring iced up coolers with Gatorades to the Perry Locker Room and let Security know you need to put into Locker Room.  
  • For Away games, make sure to have the iced up coolers at the Away Field at least 15 minutes prior to Kickoff.  For Varsity games, upon arrival at field, locate a school representative to assist with placing cooler in Visitor Locker Room?, be sure to obtain cooler at the start of the 3rd quarter (locker rooms are locked and not accessible at the end of the game).  For JV & Freshman games, coolers will be on sideline/field area, ask players to help you bring it out to the field, if needed

You may also request to use one of the Perry Touchdown Club large coolers that we keep in our storage.  PHS Touchdown Club coolers must be returned within 24 hours of game in order to be available for next team use.

Game Photography:  We need parents who have action photography skills and are interested in obtaining a press pass for on-field game photography.  Your best photos are often featured on the Pumas Football website (www.phsfb.com) and available for players and parents to share and download at NO COST on our photo sharing website.  Share your talent!  Photo credit is provided on Social Media and during games. 

Game Announcing: For each HOME game, we need two parent volunteers for JV and Freshman home games.  One parent does the announcing and one parent does the jersey calling.  This is FUN, you get to sit in the air-conditioned press box with a great view of the game action.  
Training is provided by experienced announcers for your first game. 

Pre-Game Meal Serving:   This is fun!  Help set up and serve the pre-game meal to your son's team.  On game day, you will meet at the Cafeteria at 2:00 pm to help unload the car full of food donated by a local restaurant (sponsor) and serving supplies.  Then you will help serve the food to players all dressed up in their game day attire.  Afterwards, you will "coach" the players to help clean up their table.  Then tear down and go home.  You should be done no later than 3:15 pm.

Puma Wear:  For each home game, we sell Puma Wear.  Proceeds go to help fund the Football program needs.  


Volunteers are needed to sell at games where your player is not playing.  For instance:


  • Varsity parents sell at a JV or Freshman game
  • JV parents sell at a Varsity or Freshman game
  • Freshman parents sell at a Varsity or JV game.  

This way you never miss YOUR player's game.  PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINUTES BEFORE GAME KICK OFF

Contact:   Jill Ford (Puma Wear Lead),