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JV Game 1:  Perry vs. Campo Verde (August 29, 2013)
Final score:  21-34  (Loss)

Coach Butson's recap:
1st Quarter: TD Run by Dallas Kreil #6 (7 yds)
2nd Quarter: 67 Yd TD Reception by Jonah Gossett #5
4th Quarter: 3 yd TD Run by Casey Van Shaar #22
All three extra Points by Tyler Courson #8
Campo returned a kickoff at the end of the first half ….and beginning of the second half to keep a 34-21 lead for the win. 

APN Video HD Encore Gamecast (YouTube) - Jeff Lowery with the play-by-play


APN Video - Week 1 Sponsor:  
Website:  http://www.largophotography.com?



Game Photographers:  Bren Patterson (#10) and Jody White (#88)

:  if more than two photographers have submitted photos, then each photo is tagged with photographer's name to make it easier to identify